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NSF Sponsored Upper Atmosphere Facilities Meeting

On October 26 thru October 29, 2010; the Principal Investigator, Dr. Juan F. Arratia, attended the NSF sponsored Upper Atmosphere Facilities Meeting at the Hotel Roanoke in Virginia. The main focus of the meeting was to bring together principal scientists and engineers from various facilities with NSF program managers to discuss continued operations and new directions in upper atmosphere space science research.

Present in the workshops and seminars were Dr. Rober Robinson, Program Officer of the MRI Grant; Dr. John Kelly and Dr. Anthony van Eyken from SRI; Dr. Sixto González from the Arecibo Observatory; Dr. Diego Janches, from NASA Goddard and Dr. Juan Arratia, Principal Investigator of the project. During the seminar the AMISR project was introduced to the Space and Atmospheric Sciences community that were present at the facility meeting. Dr. Diego Janches introduced the AIRES organization in Argentina, where the AMISR will be one of the main instruments. Dr. Anthony van Ayken, from SRI, gave a presentation of the fundamentals of the AMISR technology. Dr. Sixto González presented the relationship between the Arecibo Observatory Heater facility and experiments that will be implemented with the AMISR system in La Plata, Argentina. The PI later gave the administrative details of the $2.3 million grant and the time table of the implementation of activities in La Plata, Argentina; SRI, California; the Arecibo Observatory and Universidad Metropolitana in Puerto Rico.