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What is the Student Research Development Center?

The Model Institutions for Excellence (MIE) Advisory Board on its November 17, 2006 meeting recommended the creation of the Student Research Development Center as the unit to disseminate the MIE best practices to Universidad del Este (UNE) and Universidad del Turabo (UT). The new administrative entity was designed to take the responsibilities of continuing the implementation of all activities developed by the MIE experience at the System level: the pre-college initiative, the scholarship program, the Fulbright visiting scholar series, national and international summer undergraduate research programs, conference attendance, pre-college and undergraduate symposium agenda, nanotechnology workshops, the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences, the English language and GRE and TOEFL preparation programs and the Bridge to Graduate School, with funding from the institution, the federal government and new proposals.

The center has developed a successful K-12 Research Program funded by the National Science Foundation and the Puerto Rico Space Grant Consortium. This program has been successful thanks in part to its three main components: the AGMUS Saturday Research Academy which is implemented during the fall and spring semesters; the AGMUS Summer Research Experiences in Puerto Rico, the US mainland and abroad, which consists of a diversity of internships in many formidable universities; and the AGMUS Pre-College Research Symposia.

The main focus of the SRDC is the development of its students. An early research experience is an effective tool to motivate students to open the gate for discovery and innovation, which will serve as the basis for future scientific careers. This development is made possible thanks to summer research experiences through its internships; participation in the annual AGMUS Research Symposiums and the Pre-College Symposiums and a diversity of conferences presented by Fulbright Visiting Scholars. All these combined serve as a bridge to graduate school, transferring undergraduates to graduate schools.

 Current Proposals:

  • AGMUS Institute of Mathematics - The AGMUS Institute of Mathematics is a program designed to enhance bio mathematics at the Ana G. Mendez University System. This five-year grant created a BS in Bio-Mathematics with scholarship opportunities for students interested in pursuing graduate degrees.

  • Caribbean Computing Center for Excellence - The CCCE is designed around the primary goal of increasing the recruitment and participation of students in computing disciplines. The objectives of this center are to reach and impact economically disadvantaged citizens with Alliance activities; increase the recruitment of high school seniors in the computing fields through hands-on research experiences; provide professional training in computing and increase the number of graduate students in computing fields.

  • Advance Modular Incoherent Scatter Radar - The AMISR is part of an ambitious international effort that aims to create a Global Scale ionospheric Plasma Laboratory in La Plata, Argentina; by placing two NSF Incoherent Scatter Radars at both ends of the same geomagnetic field line.